If you are a nonprofit agency who would like to participate in Giving Tuesday Alamance, print and complete the Participation Agreement. Send the signed, completed agreement to Starlene Chang at or fax it to her at 336-506-0440. 

#GivingTuesdayAlamance participants must be a registered, 501(c)3 non-profit with a service and program area that includes Alamance County. Participating nonprofits are not required to accept online giving via their website in order to participate, although we do encourage it. Once you complete the Participant Agreement, you will receive a confirmation e-mail requesting information to be uploaded onto this website. 

If you are a business, school, local government or organization, we welcome your participation as we work to create a culture of generosity in Alamance County through Giving Tuesday Alamance. To participate, all you have to do is think creatively about how you can encourage your employees, students, clients or customers to live generously and give back to the community for Giving Tuesday. You will find ideas and examples of things done nationally by businesses, schools and local governments at: Our steering committee is happy to work with you to find ways for you to help us get the word out and together create a culture of generosity. For additional information, call Starlene at 336-506-0435.

Together, we can make a difference...because good things are happening in Alamance County!

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